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Work with an accident management service that puts your dealership and your customers first!

Brand loyalty and customer retention are the biggest challenges faced by dealerships in today’s highly competitive marketplace. Owing to an increase in on-line consumerism, the ability of dealerships to touch and retain potential opportunities has been hurt further.

We offer your customers a comprehensive and outstanding accident management service, keeping the standards of service excellence on top. Our Dealership Solutions package has been carefully designed to facilitate after-sales programme. 

Some features of ALI Assist dealership solutions package include:

  • Like for like replacement vehicles in the event of a non-fault accident
  • Use of original equipment parts, paint and materials
  • Speedy authorization
  • Top quality repairs at approved bodyshops
  • White labelled FNOL (first notification of loss unit)
  • Excellent labour rates

Benefits of being a Dealership Partner with ALI Assist

Our accident management services can add value to your dealership. With us, our dealership partners can benefit from our superior, customer focused services. Our complete accident management service is aimed at delivering professional and efficient services to your customers under your own brand.

We will help you:

  • Improve customer loyalty and brand value
  • Benefit from higher retail rates with our affiliated repair partners for non-fault accidents
  • Enjoy reciprocal referral of repair business

To learn more about our repair services and dealership partners, schedule an appointment today by calling us on 0207 998 7248 or 0208 166 1695 or email us at

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