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With ALI Assist, you can rest assured your fleet is in safe hands!

By offering comprehensive, hassle-free fleet assistance service, we make sure your fleet gets back on the road as quickly as possible. To offer our clients with a seamless experience, we handle all non-fault and at-fault accident claims, including repair processes, provision of a replacement vehicle, claims management, as well as recovering uninsured losses.

Fleet Management without the Hassle and Stress

ALI Assist – Dedicated to keeping your fleet Moving!

At ALI Assist, we completely understand that vehicle downtime and interruption in business operations are critical issues to efficient fleet management. Our solutions have been designed especially to provide a unique and comprehensive blend of service to fleet managers enabling them to run their business smoothly, softening the blow of impact of an accident.

Assistance by the best people in accident management

When one of your vehicles is involved in an accident, you like to be assisted by experienced and knowledgeable people in accident management to make sure you benefit from the best claims management solutions that meet your unique needs.

Comprehensive fleet assistance

We completely understand that the time your vehicle is off the road following an accident costs you money, which is why we offer a comprehensive fleet assistance service to our clients. From managing the repair process to making a claim on your behalf, we make sure your vehicle gets back to business faster.

One stop service for fleet management

From FNOL (first notification of loss) to processing final invoice, we offer a comprehensive one stop service that provides complete fleet management 24 hours a day, seven days a week to our clients. Following a customer focused approach, our claims advisors proactively collaborate with our partners to help reduce costs while getting your fleet back on the road as quickly as possible.

Reduced Overall costs

Be it a car or a commercial vehicle, we understand that fleet vehicles damaged in an accident can have considerable hidden costs. By working with ALI Assist fleet and our network of approved vehicle repair services across the UK, you’ll notice a considerable difference in your repair costs and other costs during the period your vehicle is off the road.

Service Level Agreement

We collaborate with your team to prepare a service level agreement that could be implemented across the UK on your behalf to make sure you always get the best. Working with ALI Assist fleet, you can benefit from:

  • Prompt and easy access to approved repair services
  • Reduced overall costs
  • Greater management controls
  • High quality accident management service across the UK
  • Reduced vehicle off road times
  • Excellent customer service

Being one of the leading accident management services, we take great pride in our network of approved vehicle repair services, bodyshops, and fleet management services. Our claims management solutions efficiently cover all aspects of fleet assistance and accident management services to make sure you and your fleet is taken care of by the best people in the industry right from start to finish.

Fleet Solutions for replacement Vehicles

Dedicated to offering a fast and responsive replacement vehicle service to keep you mobile after a vehicle accident

We help people involved in an accident to arrange a replacement vehicle whilst theirs is off the road. All vehicles are delivered to a place of your convenience. We can arrange for a diverse range of commercial vehicles to vans and specialist vehicles promptly, to meet your unique needs and requirements. Our fleet currently has an enormous variety of vehicles at its disposal including:

  • Commercial vehicles and vans
  • motorcycles
  • Hire vehicles and taxis
  • Standard vehicles
  • Vehicles with dual control
  • Prestige vehicles
  • Performance sports vehicles
  • 4*4 people carriers

To meet the specific needs of our clients, ALI Assist have partnerships with trusted supplier across the UK which enables us to deliver courtesy vehicles at a short notice within two hours of approval. The cost of the hire is recovered from the insurer of the party at-fault at the end of the claim. At the core of ALI Assist is a network of trusted suppliers and partners who have been offering outstanding service for over a decade.

Contact us today on 0207 998 7248 or 0208 166 1695 or email us at to schedule an appointment or to know more about our  fleet solutions. We are here to help you!

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