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Accidents happen. Don’t panic. We are here to help!

Our team of dedicated and experienced professionals manages claims on your behalf, helping you control your costs whilst reducing the amount of time that your vehicles are off the road. Advanced links and partnerships with leading vehicle insurance companies and systems means we can ensure your repairs are commissioned quickly, your claims are processed seamlessly, and you get back on track faster.

Insurance Claims Processing: Your Road to Recovery

Professional Assistance when you need it most!

ALI Assist collaborates with a number of leading motor insurance companies to offer a complete “end-to-end” claims management service to its clients.

With an agreed upon acceptance criteria or through electronic links with underwriting databases, we are trusted to authorise cover under the terms of an insurance policy and take the necessary steps to commission vehicle repairs. The claim can be put on hold or referred to an investigation team in the event of suspicious activity or queries.

Controlling cost of repairs and delivering savings

Our team of engineers has considerable experience in controlling costs of repairs and delivering the savings to our customers. Paint costs, labour expenses and parts are sourced competitively whereas the downtime and cycle times are monitored proactively through an automated workflow system.

Replacement Vehicle and repair service

While the vehicle is being repaired, a replacement car (like for like in event of a non-fault accident) will be provided to the policyholder in the meantime. Repairs are managed in a professional manner through our nationwide network of authorised repair services.

Prompt initiation of recovery procedures

Our workflow systems have been designed especially to speed up recovery procedures. In cases where reimbursement of payouts is not in line with the pre-decided timescales, we have proper arrangements in place to make sure the claims cycle is being managed smoothly.

Helping you with Uninsured Losses (UIL)

We also work with you to recover uninsured losses including hire charges, loss of use units, and policy excesses. By contacting third parties, our team of experienced claims advisors actively takes part in the efficient recovery of all sums owed. Salvage is handled efficiently and disposal value is maximised where a vehicle is a total loss to ensure superior customer service.

Simple, seamless and efficient claims management solutions

Our experienced and professional technicians carefully inspect and monitor supplier invoices. All transactions are consolidated in the form of a single itemised statement so that you don’t have to spend your valuable time tracking costs.

Schedule an Appointment today!

If you are involved in an accident, ALI Assist will provide you with expert advice, support, and assistance. By contacting all the parties involved in the accident and the claims recovery process, including insurance companies, we aim to deliver complete claims management solutions to our clients.

Whether it is about recovering uninsured losses or offering clients with expert advice and guidance, our claims advisors have the expertise to provide you with a claims management solution that suits your needs.

To learn more about our claims management solutions or accident management services, schedule an appointment today by calling us on 0207 998 7248 or 0208 166 1695 or email us at

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