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What Parents Can Teach their Kids about Road Safety

All parents want what is best for their children. They want to keep them safe and secure, and give them all the facilities they need.
As a parent, no matter how badly you want, you cannot keep your child locked inside a room and away from the world. Other than keeping them safe, your job is to teach them and help them experience and learn the lessons of life on their own. Road safety is one of the lessons that they should know, in case any emergency situation strikes. With this knowledge, they can keep themselves remain safe on the road. This will help them throughout their lives. Here is a brief of what should be taught to the kids about road safety.

Ways to Cross the Road
Teaching kids how to cross the road safely is important. Kids are impulsive and they lack patience, which is why the chances of accidents are high. The best method is to teach them the Green Cross Code. This will help them navigate the traffic. This Code consists of:

Stop = Search for a place from where you can cross. Take a position there, and then cross.
Look = Look for traffic on your left and right. If the drivers can see you, you can make your way towards the other side of the road.
Listen = Listen to the traffic and horns by vehicles, as they will help you navigate your way, and you can hear the traffic before you see it.

Where to Cross the Road
Teach them the three places to cross the road from. This includes:
Footbridges — These are the bridges that go over roads. Opposite to footbridges are subways that go under roads.

Pedestrian Crossing — They are similar to pelicans and puffins, as they have traffic lights. These lights are controlled by the buttons, from where you can control the signal.
Traffic Islands — These are the areas, which assist you in standing in the centre of the road between lanes.

Zebra Crossing — The road, which has striped marking and two yellow beacons, is called as zebra crossing. You can see both the side and cross the road when the car stops.

Teach them the Important Terms and Things
When you are on road with your child, make them hold your hand. Let them know that when you say ‘stop’ in the traffic, it should mean stop. This activity can also be practiced to see if the child is able to obey the orders in public.

Make them understand the difference between road and pavement, and why the road is for cars and pavement is for pedestrians. They should know about the traffic signals, and some of the important traffic signs that will help them obey the rules in their early ages. Moreover, if they ride a bicycle, teach them to ride it on the pavement without hurting the pedestrian.

If the child has reached the driving age, teach them all the necessary things about driving in order to prevent any hazard from happening. You should also make sure the vehicle your child drives is insured, so that any accident does not take a toll on your pockets.

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